Choose Canadian Dairy Dairy made to your family's standards. And ours.

When you choose Canadian dairy, you’re choosing high-quality milk and dairy products, produced to some of the most stringent standards in the world. And you’re choosing to support the families across this country who nurture and work this land. So it's a choice you can feel good about – for the holidays, and throughout the rest of the year.

What makes Canadian dairy better?

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High quality

What makes Canadian dairy so good? It's simple. By starting with high standards for farming and production, the milk is better, too. Find out what goes into making high-quality milk that's second to none.

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Farmer Family

High standards

From sustainability to inspection and transportation, learn more about the 42+ food safety standards that all Canadian dairy farmers proudly follow.

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Highly delicious

When it comes to Canadian milk and dairy products, you can truly taste the difference. So pick up a glass, whip up a beverage, or get cooking some holiday favourites.

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Tasty Inspiration

When you choose Canadian dairy, you’re choosing dairy made in the most responsible way, with quality and deliciousness. This is dairy, you can be proud to share this holiday. Choose a stronger Canada.