My Dairy Research Student Competition

Enter Dairy Farmers of Canada’s My Dairy Research Competition for a chance to win $1,500.

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Dairy Farmers of Canada’s My Dairy Research Student Competition is an online competition for all graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) involved in a research project funded by DFC.

The objective is to engage students in the creation of innovative content for research users that contains their project’s results, new knowledge and the impacts/benefits of the research for the dairy sector and Canadians.

What is the My Dairy Research Competition?

Graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) are invited to prepare and submit content, in English or French, describing their dairy research study and results in one of the following categories:

  • Podcast (max. 3 min.)
  • Video (max. 3 min.)
  • Infographic (max. 1 page)

Content must include the following: key study results, methods used, new knowledge and the potential economic, social or environmental impacts of the research on the Canadian dairy sector and Canadians.

Results for the 2021 competition

The voting results are in…Congratulations to the students for their excellent submissions! They will each be awarded a cash prize for the first ($1,500), second ($800) and third ($500) places in their category according to the highest number of votes received during the online public voting period.

Many thanks to everyone for casting their vote!

Video category

First place:   Kehan Sheng, University of British Columbia

Second place:  Carine Diarra, Université Laval 

Third place:   Nissa Niboucha, Université Laval 


Podcast category

First place:  Colin Lynch, University of Guelph 

Second place:  Elizabeth Russell, University of British Columbia


Infographic category

First place:  Melissa Gonzalez-Soto, University of Guelph 

Second place:  Ivan Campos, University of Guelph 

Third place:  Renee Bongers, University of Guelph