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Easy Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe

Consumer Recipe

The short grain rice and cream give this rice pudding a touch of elegance and it’s so quick and easy to make – comfort food at its best!

Perfect Vanilla Pudding Cake Recipe

Consumer Recipe

There is no better comfort food than a classic pudding cake. So easy to make and you can truly bake one at any time with everything in your fridge or pantry.

One Pan Marry Me Chicken

Consumer Recipe

Are you looking for the perfect comfort-food recipe? This quick and delicious "Marry Me Chicken" dish serves four people and comes together in under 25 minutes! This creamy dish will win hearts throughout the colder seasons.

Bacon and Brie Mac & Cheese

Consumer Recipe

Decadence abounds with this comforting mac and cheese elevated by sophisticated Canadian Brie and savoury bacon.

Mom’s 4-Layer Lasagna

Consumer Recipe

Relish in the comforting flavours of this classic vegetarian lasagna dish like the one Mom used to make.

Easy Creamy Ramen

Consumer Recipe

What could be more comforting than a creamy and delicious hot soup during cool autumn evenings? Discover our take on classic ramen made with 100% Canadian milk and butter.