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Animal Care is Our Business

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When it comes to their cows, dairy farmers are the experts – but they also work with experts, like vets and cow nutrition experts. Come and meet the team!

Animal Welfare: Our Standards & Practices

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Canadian dairy farmers set and follow the highest standards of animal care. We are leaders in research and innovation. Learn more about our Code of Practice.

Animal Care Is Our Business

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Canadian dairy farmers work closely with their cows every day and are committed to the highest standards of animal care. Find out what makes us leaders.

#HereForCanada during COVID-19 and always

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Even in uncertain times, we do what we’ve always done as dairy farmers—we care for our herds so that Canadians can care for their families. Learn how we’re supporting communities across the country and keeping shelves stocked with high-quality dairy that Canadians love.

Preserving Biodiversity

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Canadian dairy farms preserve biodiversity through perennial conversion, grassland maintenance, tree planting, hedgerows, and shelterbelts.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

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Canadian dairy farmers are committed to sustainability and the environment, from the land and animals they tend to, to the water and air we all share.

Milk Quality

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Canadian milk is some of the highest-quality milk in the world, produced to some of the highest standards. Find out what makes our milk great!