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Big Batch Bran Muffins

Consumer Recipe

Hot muffins every morning. your family will love you. Store in airtight container; freeze if desired.

Big Batch Beef & Root Veggie Stew

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Canadian beef and root vegetables make for an enticing pot of slow-simmered goodness. Take advantage of more relaxed meal-making time on the weekend by making a big batch of stew, ready to reheat during the week in 15 minutes or less.

Fluffy, No Rise Homemade Pizza Recipe

Consumer Recipe

An easy homemade recipe that is yeast-free and rise-free, so there is no kneading and no waiting. A perfectly fluffy crust ready to be topped with lots of Mozza!

Halloween Recipes

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Halloween recipes that are devilishly delicious

Holiday Recipes

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Every Holiday feast should feature an amazing selection of dishes and desserts made with high-quality 100% Canadian milk and milk products. Check out our curated list to find perhaps a new family favourite!

Fall Recipes

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Fall recipe collection

Turkey leftovers recipes

Consumer Recipe

Here are awesome ways to use the rest of your Thanksgiving dinner. Transform those turkey leftovers using 100% Canadian milk that is, thankfully, made to meet some of the world's highest standards.