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Deal with picky eater in ECE

Teach Nutrition Article DFC - PLC

Tips for helping early childhood educators deal with picky eaters

Alberta bound – The Crozier family

Corporate Article Pierre Lampron

In 1896, David Crozier ventured to what is now Sturgeon County, just north of Edmonton, where he purchased Cutbank Farm from William Cust. This land, which lies on the shores of Cutbank Lake, has remained in the Crozier family for 120 years. Today, David’s great grandson Lenard owns and operates Cheslen Dairies with his sons, Jason and Brett.

Seafood Kebobs with Lemon Sauce

Consumer Recipe

Surprise your barbecue and your friends with these shrimp kebobs! A nice change from the meat variety.

Herbed Spaghetti Squash

Consumer Recipe

For a change-of-pace, serve this unique squash in place of spaghetti. Pass extra Parmesan for sprinkling over top.

Pan-Fried Pork with Olive Tapenade

Consumer Recipe

If you usually buy pork chops, why not try pork tenderloin for a change? Cut into medallions, and the meat is cooked in a flash.

Vox pop – What kids think about nutrition

Teach Nutrition Resource

This video shows how kids' knowledge of nutrition changes as they get older. And it shows how important age-appropriate messaging is!