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How and When We Use Antibiotics to Treat Cows

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What happens if a cow gets sick? Our farmers explain when they use and don’t use antibiotics – and how they make sure Canadian milk they provide is pure and safe to drink.

Without a trace. Milk is no place for antibiotics.

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Learn more about how Canada’s strict dairy regulations ensure milk is tested to verify it is clear of contamination before making it from the farm to your fridge.

Holy Cow

Consumer Recipe

This is the Holy Cow recipe.

Canadian Milk: Forever Free From Antibiotics

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Antibiotics are strictly prohibited in Canadian dairy products. The Blue Cow Logo guarantees a product is made with 100% Canadian milk and milk ingredients.

Look For The Blue Cow Logo

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Have you spotted the Blue Cow logo on your favourite dairy products lately? Here’s what it stands for and why we’re proud of producing milk the Canadian way.

A Day in the Life of a Canadian Dairy Cow

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It only takes a few minutes to milk a cow – so how do they spend the rest of their day? Learn more about the typical day of a Canadian dairy cow.