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Farm to Fork - Recipes by Dairy Farmers

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We’re celebrating farm-to-fork favourites with locally inspired recipes from real Canadian dairy farmers! Our farmers work hard all year to supply food for Canadian
families, and we are proud to share some home-cooked treats with you.

London Dairy Air

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This is the London Dairy Air recipe.


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Enjoy the dairy journey from your fork back to the farm with delicious, chef-inspired reverscipes.

Chef Dev's Panzanella & Bocconcini Salad

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This Panzanella & Bocconcini Salad, develop by renowned Canadian chef Devan Rajkumar, is both great-tasting and great for the planet.

Gingered Carrot & Butternut Squash Soup

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Take advantage of farm fresh Canadian produce in this stunning, velvety soup. The ginger accents the fall flavours beautifully.

Fondue Parmesan du Terroir

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"This dish is simple, delicious, and most importantly, uses farm products and by-products. When people compliment the recipe, I’m proud that they appreciate what we make here on our farm."
- Recipe from Claudie-Audrey Gagnon from Hébertville, Quebec