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What supply management means for Canadians

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Supply management is a sustainable agricultural system that provides peace of mind to farmers and consumers. Find out what it means for Canadians.

A holiday feast and party survival guide

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Make the most of your favourite holiday recipes, minus the guilt and discomfort, with pro tips from a registered dietitian.

Protein revisited

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How much protein should you eat on a daily basis? Read more to find out.

Yogurt: Get in on a good thing

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Yogurt is more than just a satisfying snack. Recent research points to some interesting potential health benefits.

Sparkly Spider Cakes

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Everyone will be happy when these spiders join in on the Halloween fun. Moist chocolate cakes are dressed up with a little icing and a whole lot of fun with sparkles, spider legs and googley eyeballs!

Nourish your insides

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Digestive health has everyone talking these days, and for good reason! Of course, a healthy gut promotes good digestion, but the benefits don’t end there. Discover why you should take proper care of your insides, and how.

How to start a cooking club

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Want to explore new cuisines, test out a new cookbook, or can enough tomato sauce to make it through the year? Here’s how to make a cooking club happen.