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Any Day, Any Time Smoothies

Consumer Recipe

Homemade smoothies are a super way to get kids and adults to boost their milk, fruit and vegetable servings. These recipes have extra nutrition built right in and all of them taste great!

Milk Calendar Classics

Consumer Recipe

Revisit and discover meals and desserts from Milk Calendar recipes from past years and celebrate how Canadian dairy makes every day delicious.

Classic Seafood Chowder Recipe with Milk

Consumer Recipe

Reel in the catch of the day and serve up a comforting bowl of classic seafood clam chowder. Elevate the recipe with your favourite fish or shellfish and enjoy!

Apple Cinnamon Rice Pudding

Consumer Recipe

This rice pudding is worlds away from the stodgy version of years ago. With short-grain rice you get a wonderful creamy texture and the delicate apple and cinnamon flavours makes it that much better.

Rainy Day Spinach Dip

Consumer Recipe

When kids are watching TV, they can lose track of how much they're putting away. So when a rainy afternoon comes along, just set down a bowl of Rainy Day Spinach Dip and some raw vegetables. They'll love it, even if they know it's good for them!

Super Milk

Consumer Recipe

This is the Super Milk recipe.