The Curious Cook: Milk

Join Sam, The Curious Cook, to learn where milk comes from in this fun animated video.

When Ahmad brings labneh to school, Sam is inspired to visit Farmer Anna’s dairy farm to learn where milk comes from. 

Did Sam inspire you to cook? 

If the children in your care or your students are interesting in cooking something after watching this video, we have a few ideas for you. 

  • Check out our Cooking with Kids at School article to learn how to prepare for the experience. The principles apply to child care and classroom settings. 

  • Try the labneh recipe featured in the video.  

  • Make another recipe that features milk products such as a smoothie. You can even order free sets of our Smoothies 2 booklets

There’s More! 

This video is part of a three-part series. Click here to explore the other topics.  

The Curious Cook videos are part of our early learning in child care program Nourishing Beginnings created for Alberta educators working in child care centres, day homes, or attending post-secondary training. Learn more here

Thank you! 

A sincere thanks to the Dairy Farmers of Canada proAction® team for their support in ensuring the images and messages in this video were accurate.

Download the Video Script

The Curious Cook Milk Script
pdf icon English September, 2022 pdf (87.83 KB)
Sam découvre les aliments : Le lait
pdf icon French November, 2022 pdf (104.05 KB)
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