Learn about the Food System with The Curious Cook Video Series

This three-part animated video series follows Sam, a kid full of energy and curiosity, on an exploration of where food comes from.

An excited child in the foreground with three scenes in the background. The top scene is a farmer beside a wheat field with a combine and grain bins. The middle scene is a farmer inside a dairy barn with cows. The bottom scene is a farmer with a basket of strawberries at a u-pick.

“Hi everyone! Sam here, with another episode of The Curious Cook!”  

Sam is an inquisitive kid with an interest in food. With parental support, The Curious Cook streaming channel is how Sam inspires others to discover how exciting the world of food can be. Each episode features a tasty recipe from a friend and a visit to a unique location to learn more about a specific ingredient from the recipe.  

Access the free videos and food exploration ideas below. 

The Curious Cook: Milk 

The Curious Cook: Wheat 

The Curious Cook: Strawberries 

These videos are part of our early learning in child care program Nourishing Beginnings created for Alberta educators working in child care centres, day homes, or attending post-secondary training. Learn more here


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