Nourishing Beginnings

A free online nutrition program designed for Alberta early learning in child care (ELCC) professors and educators.

Laptop screen showing a Nourishing Beginnings logo and images of three online modules. The laptop is surrounded by images from the modules including video stills, icons, and illustrations.

Nourishing Beginnings is a free online training program created for Alberta early learning in child care (ELCC) educators by leaders in nutrition and early learning.  

Module overview 

Three modules help you build your knowledge and your confidence in feeding toddlers and preschoolers and engaging young children when learning together with food. The program content aligns with Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework. It is evidence-informed and follows best practices in nutrition and early learning. We recommend completing the modules in sequence. 

Module 1. Supporting Young Eaters 

Learn best practises for feeding young children and explore common feeding concerns. 

Module 2. Learning Together with Food (available now) 

Learn ways to support child-centred food learning and to grow food literacy.

Module 3. Menu Planning 

Under development. 


What’s involved? 

Each module consists of 

  •  30–60 minutes of self-directed online learning;  

  • 1.5–2 hours of peer-to-peer learning in a workshop;  

  • practical, user-friendly resources you can download and print; 

  • real-life videos of Alberta educators sharing their experiences; and 

  • a certificate of completion. 


Who can participate? 

Nourishing Beginnings is available to 

ELCC educators working in child care centres or day homes 

  • Complete the online learning at your convenience and then register for one of the monthly workshops with a trained facilitator

Child care centre or day home agency directors who want to book group training for their teams 

  • Each staff member completes the online learning at their convenience before the workshop with a trained facilitator, which is specially organized for your team.  

ELCC professors or program directors at colleges or universities who want to offer the program to their students 

  • Students complete the self-directed online learning, including a summative assessment.  
  • Then, you deliver a 1.5–2 hour lecture and explore key concepts in more detail using our comprehensive slide decks, speaking notes, and videos. 


I’m ready to register! 

Click on the module you’re interested in to register today. 

Preview Nourishing Beginnings

In this video, we will show you how to get a code and register for the program. We will also provide an overview of Module 1: Supporting Young Eaters and a sneak peek of Module 2: Learning Together with Food.


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