I Just Found a Kiwi in My Lunch

What food is in your lunch?

Sing-a-long to this fun song about all the foods in a lunch and then create your own verse to describe yours!

Image of karaoke type song with cartoon kiwi guiding words.

This video explores food using an engaging, and sometimes silly, karaoke sing-along to the tune of She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain. Using students’ five senses to describe food can create a safe space for food exploration without pressure to try the foods.


How to use this resource in your classroom:

  1. Watch and sing along to the I Just Found a Kiwi in My Lunch video.
  2. After watching the video, review the foods that were included and how the song used senses to describe them.
  • Kiwis- sight (green, brown), touch (furry)
  • Coconut- sight (white), taste (sweet), touch (hairy)
  • Hummus- touch (creamy, pasty), taste (tasty)
  • Cereal- sound (crunchy), sight (clustery)
  • Milk- touch (cold, ticklish), sight (swooshy)
  1. Write a new verse for the song using the activity sheet below. Students can also illustrate their food choice in the lunch bag. This activity works well as a class, group or as an individual student. 
  2. If students would like to share their verses, have them say or sing them to the class, another class or share with the principal!

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Kiwi in my Lunch
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Kiwi in my Lunch Lyrics
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Elementary K-3
5 senses
English Language Arts