Feeding Canada: Wasted Food and Food Recovery

Your grades 7–12 students will discover the impact of wasted food and examine initiatives to reduce and manage food waste at various stages of the food cycle with this interactive video, classroom discussion, and engaging activities.

In the final video of this six-part series, your class will explore the topic of food waste and food recovery, from production to consumption, in the Canadian food system.  


Through class discussion, activities, and reflection questions, students will 

  • Describe the economic, environmental, and social consequences of wasting food 

  • Describe initiatives to recover surplus food in Canada 

  • Explore ways that consumers can reduce food waste. 



This resource includes 

  • A detailed Teacher Guide with background information, discussion questions, activities, and extended learning resources 

  • A student viewing guide with pre- and post-video reflection questions and additional learning resources. 


The program is available as a digital download, or you can order your free printed materials here


There’s More! 

This lesson is designed to be completed either on its own or as part of the series Six Videos to Learn About the Food System. Click here to explore the other lessons. 

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