Junior High Health: Food for Me

Grades 7–9 Health students will plan meals and snacks that feature foods from Canada’s Food Guide by completing creative activities, such as designing their own food truck.

A colourful design that says “Fresh ideas for junior high health teachers!” and shows the front cover of the teacher guide, two student activities, and a still image of the Canada’s Food Guide transformation video.

*This program is for junior high Health teachers. If you are a junior high Foods teacher, click here. The two programs are not designed to be delivered to the same classes.


Junior high Health students explore Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) with Food for Me. Using engaging videos and activities, students 

  • plan meals and snacks using the CFG Plate; 
  • explore how choosing a variety of foods helps meet nutrient needs; 
  • examine factors that influence food choices; and  
  • culminate their learning with an exciting final challenge (food trucks, anyone?!).  

The program meets Health and Life Skills learning outcomes and has cross-curricular links and assessment tools. Food for Me is similar to our DIY Meals and Snacks program, except no kitchen is required! 

Teaching and Learning Resources 

  • Teacher Guide and nutrient graphs: The Teacher Guide provides all the background information you need to teach the program’s four lessons. Plus, it includes ready-to-use student and teacher assessment tools and an optional English Language Arts extension activity. The nutrient graphs are a detailed 8.5 × 11" card set to use as a teaching tool for one of the activities. You can order a Teacher Guide and a set of nutrient graphs from our Free Resources page or download them below as PDFs. 
  • Student Workbook: The Student Workbook includes activity worksheets for each lesson, as well as the optional English Language Arts extension. You can order class sets of workbooks from our Free Resources page or download them below as PDFs. 
  • Slide decks: The slide decks are the main teaching tools for the lessons. They contain videos, background information, activity instructions, and discussion questions. Suggested speaking notes and additional information for teachers are provided in the notes section of each slide. You can access the slide decks for each lesson below. 
  • Videos: A Canada’s Food Guide transformation video embedded in the slide deck introduces each lesson. You can access the videos for each lesson below.   

Frequently Asked Questions

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