Power Up! Cooking with Milk Products and Eggs

Power Up! is our signature program for foods teachers based on CTS FOD 2060: Milk Products & Eggs. Offered in partnership with Egg Farmers of Alberta.

Students cooking at school
Students cooking at school

Power Up! Cooking with Milk Products & Eggs provides practical, real world focused learning tasks that start with what students are familiar with — milk product and egg food choices in their daily diets — and extends their knowledge and skills to cooking, science and applications. The program meets the learning outcomes of CTS FOD 2060 Milk Products & Eggs, and can be adapted for junior high.


Teaching and Learning Resources

Teacher guide (FREE to order) provides you with all of the information and materials needed to teach the Power Up! Program.

Student workbook (FREE to order) provides your students with key information and handouts needed for the Power Up! Program.

Recipe cards provide a wide range of recipes including milk products and eggs. From simple smoothies, to butternut squash dal and basic soufflé, these recipes will help your students learn the skill and science behind these foundational ingredients. Links to videos are embedded in many of the recipe cards.

Product cards provide detailed information on the processing, storage and handling information for a range of milk products and eggs.

Test bank questions correlated to FOD2060 Milk Products & Eggs curriculum outcomes. These include multiple choice, true/false and short answer. Please send us an email and we will forward you the test bank.


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