Power to Play

Power to Play® includes four grade specific integrate programs for Kindergarten though Grade 3. They meet the Alberta curriculum outcomes in health, phys. ed. English language arts, science, social studies and fine arts.

Teacher and students with fruit

This healthy eating and active living components is engaging for students and fun for teachers. The teacher manual and Power to Play® kit contain everything you need to teach the program. The cross-curricular program allows you to meet learning outcomes in several subject areas including health, physical education, English language arts, social studies, math and fine arts. Your students will love the music, DVD episodes and the interactive smart board activities. 


Developed and tested with Alberta teachers and students.  

Meet our Superheroes, Brock Lee and Coco Lait as they meet The Big Cheese and embark on their healthy living adventures.


Elementary K-3
Healthy eating
Group Size
Full Class

Power to Play Kit

Power to Play Kit

This kit includes everything you need to the program. 


  1. 1 a teacher manual for all four grades
  2. 2 DVD/CD with videos and music
  3. 3 103 food picture cards
  4. 4 10 study prints
  5. 5 smartboard activities

Tips and Tricks

  Enlist parents or volunteers help in preparing Power Snacks