Power Up! Product Cards

Power Up! Product Cards provide detailed information on the processing, storage and handing information of a variety of milk and egg products.

eggs and milk on hay
milk and eggs on ahy

Power Up! Product Cards

Our product cards will help your students learn about a variety of milk and egg products including how they are produced, processed, stored and handled. The Power Up! Teacher Guide provides suggestions on how to use this student learning resource. The product card template included allows students to research a product they are interested in and support your classroom library.

Product cards include up-to-date information on: 

  • Milk products: This includes all types of milk from cows’ milk to goats’ milk and dairy products such as ghee and crème fraiche.
  • Cheeses: This includes information on a wide variety of cheeses from mozzarella to paneer.
  • Eggs: This includes information on the difference between brown and white eggs as well as information on new “designer” eggs.

Help your students learn about milk and egg products.

Power Up! Milk and Egg Product Cards
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High School
Food skills
Healthy eating
Food origins
Food literacy

Tips and Tricks

Use the activities outlined in the Power Up! Student Workbook for ideas on how to use these cards.