Top 3 Questions Teachers have asked us about the New Food Guide: Our Dietitians Respond

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Canada’s Food Guide has changed. Find out the top three questions teachers have asked our dietitians and what this means for your classroom.

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1. Where is milk?

Still there! Milk, cheese and yogurt are key bone-building foods – especially important for your students! The new food guide includes these foods as foundational to a healthy diet alongside whole grains, other protein foods and fruit and vegetables. Health Canada continues to recommend milk as a healthy drink choice.

What does this mean in your classroom?

The new food guide has a focus on food literacy! This includes getting to know the people that grow or produce our food. Learn about farmers, including dairy farmers who produce our milk by using the following resources with your students.

 Try this!

  • Watch this dairy farm visit video . Alberta-based Dietitian Emily Mardell visits Bles Wold, a family-owned dairy farm with an on site yogurt processing plant.
  • Order our Felix the Farmer activity kit . Felix the Farmer makes learning about nutrition and where food comes from fun. Use the poster, flash cards and activity pamphlet to create exciting and interactive lessons for your students.

2. What happened to serving sizes?

Amounts are out, proportions are in! The specific amount of food a person needs varies from one person to another. The general focus is on choosing protein foods along with whole grains and lots of vegetables and fruit to fill your plate. Easy, peasy.

What does this mean in your classroom?

Swap out serving size lessons for mindful eating and food skills activities such as meal planning and cooking. These concepts and skills are encouraged by Health Canada as part of their updated guidance.

Try this!

3. When will you be updating your resources?

Already working on it! We are working hard to provide new and exciting resources to meet your needs.

Stay-tuned and visit us regularly to see what’s new for you.


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