Unlock the Potential of Food In Your Classroom

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The theme of Nutrition Month 2019 is Unlock the Potential of Food. This will help your students understand the potential of food to enrich their lives.

By DFC - PLC, Nutrition Team
Yogurt with berry smile
Yogurt with berry smile

This year for nutrition month, nutrition experts dedicate themselves to help Canadians “Unlock the Potential of Food”. The mission? To help you and your students understand the potential of food to fuel, discover, prevent, heal and bring people together.

Food is a powerful tool for creating a healthy classroom and fostering growth in children. Discover the potential food has of being easy to prepare, delicious and nourishing. Incorporate the “discover” theme into your school community by discovering how to make the easy option, the nutritious option too.

How to eat well in a hurry

If you want to eat well, manage your time or simply save a bit of money, a plan can help. Try prepping key ingredients or entire meals ahead of time. Making meals in a jar – from breakfast oats, to salads – is a convenient way to eat well on the go. Our Meals in a Jar recipe series works well with students of all ages as the recipes can easily be personalized and require minimal-to-no cooking.


Homemade advantage

Another way to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle is by making your own instead of buying pre-packaged foods. Homemade dips and dressings are delicious and can reduce the sodium/sugar intake in your diet. We love dipping our favorite veggies in this tzatziki recipe and this homemade hummus recipe. You could even turn it into a classroom activity. By teaching your students simple techniques involved with basic recipes, they can develop cooking skills that set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating. 


For more Nutrition Month resources and tools visit the Dietitians of Canada website. Be sure to return to TeachNutrition.ca as every month we’re adding new activities, recipes and resources.


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