Bingo Game

Explore foods grown and produced in Canada
with this free bingo game.

Suitable for preschool to grade 3

Image of food bingo cards.

This game can be played by children of different ages and learning abilities. The “Clues” section is the easiest, while “Origin” and “Fun Facts” are more challenging.

Set-up & How to play

Image of a food bingo card and calling cards.
  1. 1 Choose and print a bingo kit (see table below).
  2. 2 Cut out the calling cards to use in place of bingo balls. Shuffle them into a deck.
  3. 3 Give one bingo card to each player.
  4. 4 Read out one calling card at a time, until the players locate the food on their bingo card.
  5. 5 Play until someone gets a row of five or a full card.

Choose your kit

Suggested for...

Print or order a free kit

5 unique bingo cards + calling cards Home

Print bingo kit

Print instructions and extra activities

10 unique bingo cards + calling cards Preschools Print or Order
30 unique bingo cards + calling cards Schools Print or Order

What this game can teach:

Where foods come from

Culture and heritage

Sight and descriptive words

Shapes and colours

Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination


Multi level
Food origins
Food literacy