A Class Cookbook

This fun activity can become a treasured keepsake for your students.

open blank booklet with colored pencils

Favorite family recipes for all to enjoy

Creating a class cookbook is a nice way to celebrate family traditions and food diversity in your classroom. A cookbook can also be a class keepsake for students and would make a nice gift for family members.

  • Have your students bring a favourite recipe for the cookbook.
  • Decide on a template for the cookbook. Ask your students to write their recipe into the template and decorate it with pictures of the ingredients or the final product.
  • Combine the recipes to create a class cookbook. Give each student a copy to bring home and encourage them to try the recipes with their family.

You could also ask students to interview a family member (parent, guardian, aunt, brother, etc) to get more detail about their recipe. Questions to guide the interview:

  • When was the first time you tried this recipe?
  • Does the recipe trigger a memory of a special person or event?
  • Did someone teach you how to make the recipe?
  • Do you know where the recipe originally came from?
  • What do you like about eating it (taste, texture, smell)?
  • What is your favourite ingredient in this recipe?
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4 - 6
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Our suggestions:

Consider making a digital cookbook instead of a printed one, so it is easy to share.