Curious Cook Videos

Videos and activities that help children learn how
foods are grown and produced

Illustration of a child with a wheat field, dairy farm and strawberry field in the background

Join Sam to visit a dairy farm, a strawberry u-pick and grain farm. 

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After watching the videos, continue the learning using the activities below.

Early Childhood Educators

  • “♫ Milk comes from cows on dairy farms, dairy farms, dairy farms ♫”. Download, print and sing these food-themed songs together to learn about food through music.
  • Make play dough using wheat flour. Children can use the dough in pretend play to make pizzas, bread, cookies or muffins!
  • Make a simple no-cook strawberry jam together. Mash ½ cup of strawberries in a bowl and stir in ¼ tsp sugar and 1 tsp of chia seeds. Leave in the fridge overnight to set. Serve as a snack with cheese and crackers the next day.

Elementary Teachers

  • Make a No Blender Smoothie together. Discuss how each ingredient is produced and which ones are local to your community.
  • Have students brainstorm foods that are made from wheat. Consider doing a tasting in class. For example, try different breads made from wheat like croissants, bannock, buns or naan.
  • Decorate the room by making a Food Garland. Ask children to decorate the garland template with colourful drawings of local foods, like strawberries, milk and wheat!


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