Early Childhood Activities Using Food Origin Cards

Children will learn about foods while having fun

Food model cards collage
Food model card collage

Activity Ideas using Food Cards

Order a free set of Food Image and Origin Cards for your centre. With your cards, try these activities with the children.

Food Sense   

Do this activity with children right after snack or mealtime. Ask the children to find a card that matches a food or drink they just had.  Once children have found a card, ask them to describe shapes, colours, aromas, flavours or textures.  For example, an apple is crunchy, and yogurt is tart.

Food Quiz 

Ask different questions related to the food origin cards, starting with the phrase “who can name”?   

  • A food that is made from milk (e.g., cheese, yogurt)
  • A fruit that grows on a tree (e.g., banana, apple)
  • A food that you can drink (e.g., milk)
  • A vegetable that grows in a garden (e.g., lettuce)
  • A food that is crunchy when you eat it (e.g., carrot, crackers)

That’s a Funny Sandwich 

Give each child a food origin card and ask them to move around the room while music is playing. Stop the music and have children pair up.  Get both children to say the name of the food on their cards.  Now is where the fun begins! Ask them to imagine a sandwich made from both foods as the filling. It could be a cheese and pumpkin or a yogurt and chicken sandwich! Note children’s reaction to the funny combinations. Ask if they would eat the sandwich or if they think it’s silly.

Memory Game 

Order 2 sets of cards for this game. Place the cards face down on the table and let the children take turns trying to find matching pairs.  Ask children if they have tried this food before and if it’s one of their favorite foods.

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Order your food origin cards prior to doing these activities with children.