Early Childhood Educational Posters

Every year, we create an updated poster and activities for early childhood educators who want to plan nutrition-related activities with the children in their care.

Enfant et éducatrice qui regardent une affiche
Enfant et éducatrice qui regardent une affiche

What kind of activities will I find in the leaflet?

The activities described in the leaflet relate to the poster and enable preschool children to make discoveries about food and nutrition.

Who can order the poster?

The educational poster and leaflet are available to educators who work in childcare facilities in the Maritimes. 

Each facility can order two posters free or charge.

Past editions of the poster are available for download.

When is the poster available?

The free poster and accompanying leaflet can be ordered annually starting in November.


Early Childhood
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Our suggestions :

  • Doing the activities described in the leaflet will help children discover new foods.    
  • Explore earlier editions of the poster and activity leaflets to keep the children interested. 


97% of educators appreciated the poster
2000 posters were distributed in 2017

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