Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5

This useful resource features information on feeding young children and helping them adopt healthy eating habits.

two young girls and a boy outdoors and smiling
Young children standing outdoors and smiling

Please be advised that certain pages from the PDF contain information that references the previous version of Canada's Food Guide.  A new version is in development.

Practical tips for feeding children

Early childhood is a critical period during which children develop eating habits that will influence their relationship with food later throughout their lives.

This resource features valuable information, including tips for feeding children as well as ideas for meals and snacks that children will love.

This resource covers many topics, including these:

  • How much children should eat
  • Dealing with “picky” eaters
  • The importance of balance and variety in the diet
  • Important nutrients for children
  • Promoting dental health
  • Preventing choking and food poisoning
  • Examples of daily meal plans

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Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5
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L'alimentation des enfants de 1 à 5 ans
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Early Childhood
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Our suggestions:

Develop your own meal plans using the examples provided in the resource.

Use the meal plan checklist to create complete, balanced menus.