Food Adventures with Felix the Farmer

This poster can be used by Kindergarten/Primary and grade one teachers to plan activities related to nutrition and food discovery.

affiche pour enfants avec aliments et paysages
Affiche pour enfants avec images de paysages et d'aliments

A Fun and Educational Tool!

The poster allows kindergarten/primary and first grade students to work towards achieving various learning outcomes in subjects like Health, English Language Arts, Art Education, Science and Math.

These complementary materials are included with the poster :

1. A leaflet that features :

  • A story related to the images on the poster
  • An activity on where foods come from
  • An arts and crafts and recycling activity
  • « Smoothie » culinary activity

2. A set of 75 flashcards with illustrations of food, colors, jobs, animals and many more.  They can be used along with the poster to do activities with the children.

Download the poster at adventures with Felix the farmer.pdf

Dimensions: Poster is 27"x 39", cards are 4" x 6", leaflet (open) 9" x 17".


Healthy eating
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Our suggestions:

  • With the poster, you can plan activities related to Health, Math, Science and more.
  • Use the poster and leaflet for inspiration and develop your own activities!


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