Teacher Activities Using Food Origin Cards

Students will have fun while learning all about foods

set of food picture cards

Food activities you can do in your classroom

Order a free set of Food Image and Origin Cards for your classroom. With your cards, try these activities with your students.

Food Alphabet 

Get students to look through the cards.  Ask them to find pictures of foods that begin with letters of the alphabet. Ask students to write the name of the food after looking at the picture. You can also ask them if they have ever tasted the food.

Favorite Food Survey 

Survey your students to find out which foods shown on the cards are most popular. Create a bar graph illustrating the results.

Learning about Food 

Get your students to pick a card, research the food and present findings to the class. 

Look at my Placemat  

Using the food origin cards as a source of inspiration, get students to divide a large piece of construction paper into 3 sections: favourite foods, foods less familiar and foods to try.  On a separate piece of construction paper, ask students to draw pictures of foods they would place in each section. Get students to cut their pictures out and glue on their own placemat. Then they can write the name of food underneath.  

Guess that Food 

Order two sets of cards for this game. Place the pile of food origin cards at the front of the classroom and ask each student to pick a card without looking at it. Ask them to hold the card to their foreheads with the image facing out so the other students can see it.  Once everyone has a card on their forehead, ask the students to find a partner. Next, get each student to guess what food is on their card by listening to clues from their partner. Once a student has guessed their food card, they can pick a new one. Play until all the cards are gone.

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Order your food image and origin cards prior to doing these activities with your students.