Get Moving Video

This will get your students moving and learning about wellness
with some quick tips.

This video will get your students to be active as they learn about health and wellness.

Use the following digital material and dive further into the tips in the video.

Downloadable Classroom Activities

Calcium Relay Race - help students learn about calcium and their bones.

Meals in a Jar - simple and delicious recipes that can easily be completed in a classroom.

Smoothie Recipes - using our SPIN-A-SMOOTHIE resource create delicious smoothie in your classroom. 

Class Recipe Book - encourage your students to explore foods and recipes enjoyed by their peers by creating a cookbook.


Talking to students about the new Food Guide - Information on the new Canada’s Food Guide and tips for teachers on how to talk about it with their students.

Building Bone Health - Find out how diet and physical activity can help you build and maintain strong bones.

Mindful Eating - discover what mindful eating means and why it is important. 


4 - 6
Number of Activities

Topics to explore