Grade 2 – Book & Activities

Free program to help students learn about the concept of careers, jobs, and what they might want to do when they grow up.

Career Day book cover

Book Synopsis 

With Career Day coming up, best friends Emma, Nadine, Colin and Robin are thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. Nadine wants to be a chef and own a restaurant, Emma wants to be a farmer and Colin dreams of driving a double-decker bus. But what about Robin? He doesn’t know yet. His friends help him “pretend” to have different careers. On Career Day, he reveals what he wants to be! 

This Kit Includes:

Career Day classroom kit includes a large format read-aloud book for teachers and 6 smaller books for students.
  1. 1 Large format read-aloud book for teachers;
  2. 2 Set of 6 smaller books for students;
  3. 3 Cross-curricular classroom activities;
  4. 4 Online printable activity sheets;
  5. 5 "Teacher's Did You Know” section that provides further context to topics in the story.
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