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Free program that focuses on cooking together and highlights the role of food in culture and traditions.

The Mysterious Ingredient book cover

Book Synopsis 

It’s Nadine’s birthday! To celebrate, she plans a sleepover and a potluck breakfast with her friends Emma, Colin and Robin. They’ll be making her grandmother’s delicious bannock bread recipe together and bringing their favourite foods to go with it. But there seems to be an ingredient missing. What could it be? 

This Kit Includes:

The Mysterious Ingredient classroom kit includes a large format read-aloud book for teachers and 7 smaller books for students.
  1. 1 Large format read-aloud book for teachers;
  2. 2 Set of 7 smaller books for students;
  3. 3 Cross-curricular classroom activities;
  4. 4 Online printable activity sheets;
  5. 5 "Teacher's Did You Know” section that provides further context to topics in the story.
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