Grade 4 - Book & Activities

Free program to help students learn that food is fuel for their body.

Grade 4 Book: Vroom! Vroom!

Book Synopsis 

There’s a soapbox race. To enter, Colin and Robin need to build a very fast car. Luckily, Emma and Nadine can help. They are building their own car and also know about fuel for energy, and that’s a winning combination! Will it be enough for the friends to become the soapbox race champions?

This Kit Includes:

Vroom! Vroom! classroom kit includes a large format read-aloud book for teachers and 15 smaller books for students.
  1. 1 Large format read-aloud book for teachers;
  2. 2 Set of 15 smaller books for students;
  3. 3 Cross-curricular classroom activities;
  4. 4 Online printable activity sheets;
  5. 5 "Teacher's Did You Know” section that provides further context to topics in the story.
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Grade 4
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