Suggestions for a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast 5 min

Discover some nutritious breakfast ideas for children aged 1 to 12.

By DFC - PLC, Nutrition Team
Oatmeal, yogurt and berries
Oatmeal, yogurt and berries


  • Learn why breakfast is essential for children
  • Find ideas for complete, balanced breakfasts

Why eat breakfast?

After eight or more hours of sleep, children need to take on more fuel. Breakfast provides them with the nutrients they need to put their bodies back in “on” mode and get ready for whatever the day brings!

Growing children need a lot of energy so breakfast is an essential meal for them.

Very hungry, or not so much?

Some children do not feel like eating soon after they get up.  If this is the case, they could have a small portion of a lighter breakfast (e.g., a yogurt with fruit) and then have a more substantial snack later in the morning.

If they are hungry in the morning, offer children a variety of healthy foods.

But don’t forget that the children are the ones to decide the amount of food that is best for their bodies.

What makes a good breakfast?

Breakfast is the perfect time to offer a variety of nutritious foods to children. For a balanced breakfast, include the following:

  • One or more foods containing carbohydrates (e.g., wholegrain cereal, fruit)
  • At least one protein rich food (e.g., milk products, nuts, eggs).

Carbohydrates give children quick energy and protein helps keep them full until the next time they eat.

It’s best to offer at least three foods to children at breakfast time.

Healthy breakfast ideas

Whole-wheat English muffin with sliced bananas or strawberries + nut butter

Piece of fruit and toast + Cottage cheese

Whole-grain bagel and pear slices + Cheddar cheese, grated and melted

Cereal or oatmeal with fruit + milk

Home-made bran muffin + yogurt and crushed nuts

Banana rolled up in a whole-wheat tortilla spread with yogurt or peanut butter

Toast and fruit salad + boiled egg


For additional breakfast suggestions, obtain a free copy of the brochure A Practical and User-Friendly Guide: Breakfasts + Snacks + Lunches.



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