Making Balanced Meals for Your Family

Watch this video about Canada’s Food Guide to inspire new meal planning and recipe ideas for your family.

two teenagers making pizza

Sparking an interest in food could benefit your entire family. Watch this video with your children to help develop an interest in food and flavors.  This will help with meal planning and make meals more exciting, which is a bonus!

Use these points to start the conversation:

  • Name examples of foods that belong in each category: Vegetables and Fruits, Whole Grain foods and Protein foods. 
  • Which foods in the video are grown locally?
  • Ask family members to pick a food in each category that they would like to try.  Consider adding these items to your grocery list and include in your meal plan.
  • Find a recipe using one of the foods shown in the video. For example, use yogurt to make a salad dressing.  Using a food in a different way can help everyone explore a new taste experience.

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This video presents foods from the each of the food categories in Canada's Food Guide and turns them into balanced meals.


Canada's Food Guide