Multizone brings to the table an impressive fusion of fun, nutrition knowledge and physical activity that students grades two to six will enjoy.

Students running in a gym
Students running in a gym

What is Multizone?

Multizone is a fun educational activity that engages students in grades two to six. 

As a team, students need to answer some nutrition related questions all while participating in physical activity challenges. 

Multizone has five challenges : three that are nutrition related and two that are related to physical activity.  The challenges are tailored for grade two to six students and provide age appropriate questions. 

What do I need?

A member from our nutrition team brings everything required for the game. All you need is a gymnasium, approximately 45 minutes of time per classroom, and a teacher or coordinator to help assist with the game.

Who can apply?

Multizone is available to all elementary schools throughout the Maritimes. 

That's not all…

Multizone is a FREE workshop! 

Schools will be scheduled on a first-come, first served basis. 


4 - 6
Healthy eating
Group Size
Full Class


310 number of workshops presented in 2017-2018
How can I register my school?
Call us at 1-800-465-2697 (extension 2) or write to us at