Amazing world of food

Discover a world full of nutritious foods on this poster that you can print or project onto an interactive whiteboard. It’s a fun way to introduce healthy eating to preschoolers!

Poster with food landscape
Poster for early childhood educators

More than a poster: a fun and educational tool!

With the children, discover an imaginary world made almost exclusively of food! From the eggplant-cow and Brussels sprout-rabbit to the watermelon-boat, yogurt-snow, and Bread-Slice-Cliff, children will be fascinated by how many amazing discoveries they can make!

Keep on having fun with complementary materials:

Included in the leaflet:

  • A story about the animals (foods) that live on the poster
  • A cooking workshop: Snowy Bread Mountain – bread pudding with blueberries and yogurt
  • A matching game
  • A memory game
  • A creative activity
  • A movement activity
  • A delicious nursery rhyme

In two series:

  • Illustrated cards featuring the foods (and animals!) on the poster and their origins

Téléchargez l'affiche, le feuillet et les cartes illustrées


How to Access

Tips from our team

The impact on children is even greater when healthy eating activities are done on a regular basis. Use the poster, leaflet and cards to keep on having fun!

Children like foods for their taste, not their health benefits! So having fun discovering how delicious nutritious foods can be is more likely to encourage them to eat well!