The Balanced Plate from Canada’s Food Guide

A fun, educational and exciting video that introduces the balanced plate from Canada’s Food Guide. What better way to explore the new Guide with your students?
(In French only)

What is the balanced plate?

The balanced plate from Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) helps Canadians choose foods that enable their body to function at its best. The balanced plate is based on the proportions of three food categories:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Whole-grain foods
  • Protein foods

The latest CFG also highlights the importance of listening to your hunger and fullness signals, enjoying your food, and taking the time to cook and eat. Videos on these topics are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Yes, you can have fun talking about the balanced plate!

Talking to children about food on a regular basis encourages the adoption of healthy eating habits. This short, fun and educational video is a great way to start a conversation about healthy eating. What’s more, it will get your students interested in the balanced plate from CFG. 

Get the message across!

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Canada's Food Guide
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