Poster to order: The Building Block Village

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Discover many things, including the shapes, colours, and origins of foods as well as which careers are associated with them!

A village made of wooden building blocks and nutritious foods

An educational poster centred on wooden building blocks and a game board

This year, discover the enchanting imaginary world of the building block village, where playing and healthy eating take centre stage. 

Designed for early childhood educators, home-based daycare educators and preschool teachers, the poster and most of the suggested activities involve all four areas of child development.

Explore physical activity, cooking, and the shapes, colours, and origins of foods, plus which careers are associated with them. Fun guaranteed!

In addition to the poster, you’ll get: 

  • A game board (on the back of the poster)
  • A nursery rhyme that you can keep adding to
  • An illustrated story
  • A science experiment
  • A cooking activity
  • And more activity ideas
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You can also download the poster and the activities 


Activities Leaflet

Game board


Multi level
Aligned with
Meeting Early Childhood Needs

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