Canada’s Food Guide: CFG Lab

Introduce this fun and educational activity book about the latest Canada’s Food Guide to your students! It’s a free tool where science and fun are on the menu!
(In French only)

Cover of free activity book on Canada’s Food Guide, cycle 3

A book filled with a variety of activities

How do you become a food scientist? By successfully completing the challenges in this activity book! It features tons of fun games, including a matching game, fill-in-the-gap sentences, rebus puzzles, a true or false game, a recipe to make at school or at home, and more!

The activity book makes the perfect transitional activity for when a student has finished their work or can simply be used to have fun while learning!

Who can get this tool?

Fifth and sixth grade teachers can order a free copy of the activity book for each of their students!

Download this activity book

Cahier de l'élève
pdf icon French January, 2020 pdf (572.33 KB)
Infographie pour l'enseignant
pdf icon French February, 2020 pdf (1.41 MB)
Fifth and sixth grade teachers only : get your free copies!

To learn more...

Watch these educational and interactive videos with your elementary school students to discover the key takeaways from Canada’s Food Guide. These one-minute videos are sure to pique their interest! 

Five videos are offered (in French only):

  • A Balanced Plate
  • Hunger and Fullness 
  • Taking the Time to Eat
  • Enjoying Food
  • The Joy of Cooking


Cycle 3
Canada's Food Guide

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