The "Cuisinons en famille" initiative

Cuisinons en famille® invites you to discover the fun of cooking with your children! Visit this enjoyable website to get inspired by our practical tools and recipes.
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What is Cuisinons en famille®?

Looking for useful resources to discover the fun of cooking with your children? You might like the brand-new website!

The website and newsletter provide tips to help you have fun planning and making meals as a family. The recipes and other resources were developed by our team of Registered Dietitians and are kid-approved!

In addition to recipes, you’ll find:

  • Illustrated cooking techniques integrated into the recipes;
  • Educational activities on various food-related topics;
  • Practical tools (e.g., a blank shopping list, a list of substitutes for the recipes, and a cooking glossary);
  • Tips from our Registered Dietitians on family nutrition, and more!

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