Do You Know Where These Foods Come From?

A quick activity where students match different foods with where they come from (in French only).

French activity Sais-tu d'où proviennent ces aliments?

An educational matching game

  • Ask the children to draw a line matching each food with where it comes from.
  • Then have the children colour the foods.


Play a guessing game! Describe where one of the foods pictured in the activity comes from and let the kids try to guess which food it is.

To find out what the pedagogical objectives, educational aims and development focus of this resource are, check out the “Let’s Talk About Where Foods Come From” package.

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Sais-tu d'où proviennent ces aliments?
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Food origins

A suggestion from our team!

Deepen your classroom discussions about the foods featured in this activity with our pictures of foods and where they come from.