Educational resources to talk about Canada’s Food Guide - Cycle 1

Discover our free educational resources. They provide a fun way to talk about Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) with Cycle 1 students, while meeting several pedagogical objectives.

Cover of the free activity book on Canada’s Food Guide for first and second graders

5 fun and educational videos

These one-minute videos are a great way to initiate discussions about CFG and introduce the key messages that will help students complete the activities in A Monster Sized Hunger activity book. They are sure to capture your students’ attention! (French Only)

A free activity book

A Monster Sized Hunger activity book lets students explore the food categories found in CFG and the foods that make up those categories. The activity book includes a variety of games, including a matching game, a secret sentence to decode, a recipe to make at school or at home, and more!

There is an infographic to go along with the activity book to help illustrate the topics discussed by the teacher. It can also be used to introduce the CFG through pictures on an IWB. (French Only)

Who can get this tool?

First and second grade teachers can order a free copy of the activity book for each of their students!

Get your free copies! (French Only)


Cycle 1
Healthy eating
Canada's Food Guide

Tips from our team!

It is well documented that talking to children about food encourages the adoption of healthy eating habits. So talk to them about it regularly!

To ensure continuity at home, share the videos with parents.

Our website has other educational games to view online or download. Visit the Cycle 1 section to check them out.