Activity books for physical education and health teachers

Are you a physical education and health teachers? Ask your school or school board to bring us in for workshop and discover our collection of ready-to-go activities on healthy eating. Those French books are all free!

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Those books are currently available in French.

Book of ready-to-go activities for physical education and health teachers

  • Cycle 1: Timo entre dans le jeu
  • Cycle 2: Félix le détective s’active
  • Cycle 3: Leader Académie, les 3e cycle mènent la course

Each activity book comes with a set of food cards.

What’s in the activity book?

  • An introduction to the world where the activities take place, the objectives of the activity book, and an explanation of how the book and each of the activities are structured
  • 5 subject sections that vary according to level (e.g., snacks, the five senses, where food comes from, hydration, hygiene, breakfast, ecology, science and technology, world cultures, body image)
  • Appendices that vary according to level (e.g., evaluation grid, student notebook for setting and tracking objectives, question cards for each subject

Each section comes with a helpful intro for the teacher.

Each section has coupons with health and family challenges on them that can be photocopied.

Additional material is also provided (e.g., food cards).

How are the activities structured?

Each activity has the same structure: the objectives are presented, followed by the resources required, teacher’s notes, what will be assessed on the evaluation grid, the scenario, how to carry out and complete the activity, and joint feedback.

How do I get an activity book?

Activity books are only distributed when you attend the "La saine alimentation à l’école" workshop, which is also free!


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Tips from our team!

Obviously, you don’t want your students to spend less time being active because you’re talking about healthy eating! Use the question cards in the activity books to enhance some of your activities, and you’re all set!

Talking about healthy eating and doing activities during Nutrition Month is good, but doing a number of small activities throughout the school year is even better!


Many teachers already have their book!

752 physical education and health teachers have our activity books

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