Basketful of Discoveries (2012)

This poster is an early childhood education tool in the shape of a wicker basket filled with food! Educators and home daycare providers can use this poster and the accompanying activity sheet to teach children in their group about different

Poster showing a playground, a farm and people eating together
Poster for early childhood educators

Discover a basket full of food!

This poster makes early childhood education fun with a basket containing a variety of nutritious and delicious foods! Children can explore them through a variety of fun activities:

  • A story about a group of young explorers who have fun discovering the food in the basket they made
  • An activity related to the story
  • 4 educational activities, including some that help with motor development
  • A culinary activity, "Mini Bread Basket", in which the children make a small roll with a fennel, apple, cheese and salmon filling
  • A children’s rhyme about the food at the picnic depicted on the poster

Download the 2012 edition

pdf icon French September, 2018 pdf (571.61 KB)
Feuillet d'activités
pdf icon French September, 2018 pdf (576.7 KB)
pdf icon English September, 2018 pdf (569.93 KB)
pdf icon English September, 2018 pdf (565.12 KB)
"Mini Bread Basket" recipe
"Mini Bread Basket" : recipe included in the leaflet

Other editions of the poster are also available

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Every fall, early childhood education services in Quebec can order the new edition of the poster and activity sheet free of charge. Quantities are limited, so keep an eye out for them!



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Ask the children to invent a new story or riddles based on the images on the poster.


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