Demonstration : « Pat au poulailler » activity

An educator and her group do an activity from the "Les aventures de Pat le mille-pattes" activity book. This video is only available in French.

Vidéo Réaliser une activité en services éducatifs à l'enfance

What is in the video?

This could be a fun food activity to do with toddlers!

The video is a summary of the "Pat au poulailler" activity from the activity book  You will see:

  • The educator preparing the activity
  • The educator explaining the activity to the children
  • The children doing the activity

A long version of this video with advice from a technical and educational support officer is included on the DVD that comes with the "Les aventures de Pat le mille-pattes" activity book.

For the time being, this video is only available in French.


2 min
Food origins

Good to know

The "Pat au poulailler" activity takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.