Food cards

These pictures can help you talk about food with kids and create activities about nutrition. This resource is only available in French.

Food model cards collage
Food model card collage

What it is

This set of 76 cards features:

  • Pictures of a wide variety of food, and information about where the food comes from and how it is usually eaten
  • Pictures showing the steps involved in producing and processing food (flour and milk)
  • Pictures illustrating where certain types of food come from (fish, eggs, various fruits and vegetables)

How to use it

You can use this set of printable cards for active or calmer games about nutrition and where food comes from. You can also use them as a way to talk about topics like the 5 senses and to introduce kids to new foods.

For the time being, this resource is only available in French.

Download and print these images

Food cards
pdf icon French February, 2023 pdf (2.61 MB)
Food cards
pdf icon English February, 2023 pdf (2.59 MB)

Activity ideas for preschools and daycares

  • Show kids pictures of food that will be served at the preschool/daycare soon and talk about where the food comes from.
  • Show pictures of food that will be part of a cooking activity to start a discussion before the day of the activity.
  • Play a memory game (with 2 sets of the picture cards). Place the cards face down on a table and have kids take turns trying to find a matching pair.

Activity ideas for elementary schools

  • Use the pictures to survey your students about their favourite foods, and then create a bar graph to illustrate the results.
  • Have your students give an oral presentation on how one or more types of food are produced or processed.


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Food origins
Healthy eating

Our personal suggestions:

Put the food picture cards on permanent display so that kids will be more inclined to eat those foods, or simply as a way to start talking about them.

Use these cards in activities on other subjects like math, science and physical fitness.