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This free activity guide in French features a wide variety of fun activities for Quebec school daycare programs to help kids learn about nutrition. You can get your copy by attending a free workshop.

Création et récréation program
Création et récréation program

This resource is currently only available in French.

What it is

This activity guide provides a fun and stimulating way to help children learn about healthy food. It includes 5 types of activities: physical activity, cooking activity, discoveries, creative projects, games and challenges!

Just ask one of our dietitians to provide a free workshop to your school's daycare or extended day program team, and you will get this resource for free.


School Daycare
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Healthy eating
Aligned with
Pour un virage santé à l'école Policy framework

Included in all resource kits

Création et récréation program content

You will get:


  1. 1 52 ready-to-use activities
  2. 2 Conversation starters to talk about healthy eating during meals and snack time
  3. 3 Information about children's nutrition
  4. 4 96 food cards

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Check out the "C’est malade!" blog article about this resource (in French only).


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