Ultimate you

An Ultimate Frisbee game where students who score have to name a quality or talent of the person who passed them the frisbee.

Schéma du jeu Ultimate moi
Schéma du jeu Ultimate moi

What you will need

  • One frisbee
  • One bib per student (one colour per team)

Note for game facilitator

This game is a variation of Ultimate Frisbee.

Here are some examples of qualities students might name: imaginative, resourceful, lively, smart, joyful, organized, patient, determined, polite, responsible, helpful, kind, a team player, funny.

Here are some examples of talents or skills: helping others, teaching, making things, drawing, cooking, dancing, doing math, writing, playing sports, making music, giving presentations, doing science, playing chess.

How to play

  • For the warm-up, have kids practice tossing the frisbee to each other.
  • During the warm-up, discuss examples of qualities and talents. If possible, show students pictures from the carousel (examples of talents).
  • Before the game starts, tell the students how the game is played and explain that they have to pass the frisbee close to the ground so that nobody gets hurt.
  • Divide the group into two teams. Give each team bibs of one colour.
  • When you give the signal, players on the same team have to pass the frisbee to each other and try to get it into the end zone to score. Members of the opposing team need to try to intercept the passes.
  • A team must pass the frisbee at least 3 times before they can score a goal. To score a goal, a player must be in the end zone and catch the frisbee. If the frisbee is passed to a player and the player doesn't catch it, the frisbee is handed off to the other team and the game continues.
  • When a team scores, game play stops and the player who scored has to name a quality or talent of the person who passed the frisbee to them. If they manage to do it, the team gets an additional point.
  • The game ends when the time allotted for the activity is up.
  • The team with the most points wins the game.

Additional challenge : You can add some rules to make the game more challenging (e.g. frisbee must be passed 5 times before you can score a goal; at least one girl and one boy must catch the frisbee before you can score a goal).

Cool down

  • Each team reflects on its strengths and weaknesses. They try to figure out how to overcome their weaknesses.
  • Bring the conversation back to the following question: Why is it important to point out qualities or talents of your friends instead of their looks?
    • Answer: Our society is made up of people with different physical appearances. There's no single standard for beauty, and there are probably as many definitions of beauty as there are people. Diversity is normal and beautiful. You’re defined by much more than what you look like. Other people value your personality, intelligence, values and attitude much more than your looks.

To find out what the Learning Goals, Educational Aim and Focus of Development of this resource are, visit the Let's Talk About Body Image program page.

Download the activity set up

Schéma du jeu
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Examples of talents or skills


Cycle 3
Body image
Physical Education and Health

Our personal suggestions

Encourage students to name qualities of people in their family. Challenge them to name one quality every day!

Suggest that they choose a physical activity to do with their family where every person can use their talents and strengths. Obviously, it should be something fun!

Some numbers...

In Quebec

35% of 9-year-old girls have already tried to lose weight
40% of boys 13 to 16 have used supplements to gain weight
1 on 3 of boys between 13 and 16 years old wish they had a stronger physique