Where Do the Foods I Eat Come From? (2016)

Early childhood educators can use this educational poster and activity sheet to teach toddlers about where food comes from.

Poster showing a healthy meal and three different farms
Poster for early childhood educators

Entertaining educational activities!

This poster and leaflet help toddlers discover through play where the foods they eat come from. It depicts an imaginary world where the origins of different foods are illustrated on flying plates!

In addition to the poster, educators are provided with a leaflet containing a variety of activities:

The story of Justin (a young explorer), his friends and their educators, who discover together where certain foods come from

  • A nursery rhyme exploring the origins of food
  • 4 activities, including some that help with motor development
  • The "Silly Salsa" culinary activity, in which the children make salsa with black beans, vegetables and plain yogurt, served with whole-wheat pita wedges

Download this 2016 edition

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Feuillet d'activités
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pdf icon English September, 2018 pdf (1.05 MB)
pdf icon English September, 2018 pdf (600.01 KB)
Pita bites on napkin with fruit salsa
"Silly Salsa": recipe included in the leaflet

Discover other editions

Explore other worlds through a variety of activities with different editions of the poster!

Every fall, early childhood education services in Quebec can order the new edition of the poster and the accompanying activity sheet free of charge. Quantities are limited, so keep an eye out for them!



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Suggestions from our team:

Plan an activity from the handout each month! There are lots of options: a story, a nursery rhyme, crafts, riddles, an active game, a culinary activity, etc.

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